Pantaenius Round Skagen Race

March 21, 2014

On Whit Monday, 9 June 2014, the Pantaenius Round Skagen Race will start from Heligoland. Held every two years, Germany's most challenging open-sea regatta demands top performances from all the crews and vessels involved.

Pantaenius Round SkagenAlternating with the Edinburgh Regatta, the Pantaenius Round Skagen Race takes place every two years. The race, which is Germany's most demanding open-sea regatta, takes in a 510 nautical mile course from Heligoland to Kiel. The regatta traditionally follows the North Sea Week yacht racing event and this year will start on Whit Monday. From the rough North Sea, through the Skagerrak strait to the Baltic Sea, the route finishes when the yachts pass by the Kiel lightship on the port side. These three very different waters reflect the unique, often rough nature of the regatta, which draws ambitious teams to compete time and time. In order to prepare for the toughest stages of the race, Pantaenius provides each yacht with a bottle of Skagen rum at the skippers' meeting.

Between 60 and 80 yachts are expected to take part in this year's challenge. After the race has been completed, Pantaenius will invite all the teams to have breakfast at the Kiel Yacht Club in Strande.

The safety of the participants is the highest priority for both the race committee and Pantaenius. To allow the race to take place even in adverse weather conditions, the Pantaenius Round Skagen is organised in close collaboration with national sea rescue services and volunteers, who are on standby throughout the race.

This year, the race can also be followed live on smartphones, tablets or on the computer, thanks to the satellite-controlled live tracking service 'Yellowbrick', which is available online or as a mobile app.

Live tracking will available at from 9 June 2014.