Stormy collaboration with yachting world

March 19, 2014

Together with Yachting World, one of the leading international sailing magazines, and the famous British adventurer, scientist and blue water sailor Skip Novak, Pantaenius initiated a twelve-part print- and online-series on the topic “heavy-weather sailing”.

Novak, known for his participation in four Whitbread Round the World races, diverse book publications and countless Antarctic expeditions, has been reporting since October 2013, for a period of one year, every month in Yachting World about his experiences and gives advice for heavy-weather sailing.

The Yachting World CrewThe basis of this comprehensive series in English, was a ten day trip with Novak’s 54-feet offshore yacht “Pelagic” in one of the worlds most notorious sailing grounds: Cape Horn. On board was Jonathan Reynolds, damage expert of Pantaenius UK, together with editors of Yachting World, there to gain an authentic impression of storm sailing. “Usually sailors try to avoid storms. It was a little oppressive to really search for it during this trip”, Reynolds said after his journey.

The whole magazine-series in English is accompanied by a online-presentation with impressive footage. The video clips show breathtaking images of one of the worlds most inhospitable regions and illustrates the challenges of heavy-weather sailing.

Be sure not to miss this. The published online-chapters including video material can be found at: under “Skip Novak’s Storm Sailing Techniques” or watch the first clips here:

1. Making of the series

2. Pelagic tour

3. Storm series trysail storm

4. Heaving to

5. Storm series reefing

6. Preparing the deck

7. Sail design

Or click the lower picture to watch the videos on the Pantaenius Youtube channel.

Storm Sailing Techniques